Are There Any Special Rules Of The Road Regarding Bicyclists?

Motorists must refrain from negligent operation of their motor vehicles. We are looking at Massachusetts roads which are narrow and there are blind spots. The injury that occurs to bicyclists are often times very serious because again, there is nothing between the bicyclist and the road.

How Is The Viability Of A Bicycle Accident Claim Determined?

I determine the viability of a bicycle accident claim by looking at driver error, and then looking at how careful a bicyclist was. Both of those are complimentary elements.

Is There Any Contributive Or Comparative Fault When It Comes To Bicycle Accidents?

Yes, there is comparative fault when it comes to bicycle accidents.

What May Be An Example Of Someone Who Has Contributed To Their Own Bicycle Accident?

An example of someone who might have contributed to their own bicycle accident could be, a person was riding in the middle of the road where there were cars, they were veering in between cars and going back and forth. They weren’t staying within a bicycle lane. Those would be several possibilities among many.

Do Most Bicycle Injury Cases Reach A Settlement Before Trial?

Most do settle, but again, every case that we take is prepared like it is going to trial. So if a case is going to be settled, it’s settled from a position of strength. However, just because most cases are settled, it doesn’t necessarily mean that any given case is going to be settled.

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