Assault Related Injuries

Sexual Assault Injuries

If you or your child have been sexually assaulted, you may have a cause of action to recover monetary damages.

This cause of action would exist for you and your children.

You would have to bring the lawsuit on your children’s behalf.

The child assaulted in the home, may be able to be compensated under your homeowner’s policy while the child assaulted in the car, may be able to be compensated under both the homeowner’s policy and the auto policy. It is important that you talk to a lawyer immediately so you do not waive valuable legal rights.

Assault & Battery Injuries

Assault and battery injuries occur when a person makes an unwanted or unconsented touching upon another. The actual “touching” is what is know legally as a “battery”. In this case, the person who has been touched may have the right to take action against the wrongdoer. Many people make the wrong assumption that assault & battery must be something that causes great pain or physical damage. To the contrary, any damage caused by the battery may entitle the victim to receive compensation.

Battery can come in many forms: punching, kicking, slapping, pushing, pinching are all forms of battery. Of course, there are many other types of battery that can occur through the use of other means, such as weapons. If you feel that you have been assaulted by someone, you should know your legal rights immediately.