Dog Bites

When a serious dog bite injury has occurred, there are a number of approaches an injured party can consider pursuing. The first is to get permission to evaluate the dog before it is either euthanized or given away. To have it independently evaluated through specially designed tests as soon after the attack as possible to determine its behavioral characteristics is equally important for the plaintiff and defense. If possible, secure photos or videos of the dog to demonstrate its size, weight and mannerisms. Talk to neighbors about the typical behavior of the dog and whether it was potentially dangerous. Neighbors would know if the dog gets out of the yard, if the owner allowed it to wander the streets, or if there were any prior attacks. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn your rights.  A Massachusetts dog bites lawyer can prove beneficial in such cases. Call our office at (800) 262-9200 to speak with a Peabody, MA dog bites attorney. Our Dog bites lawyer in Essex County, MA will review your case in detail with you and come up with an effective plan to get you the compensation you deserve.

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