How Do Fault And No Fault States Apply To Auto Accidents?

Massachusetts is a no fault state and it means that PIP benefits would cover medical expenses and lost wages for up to $8000 regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

What Actually Is PIP Or Personal Injury Protection Insurance?

Personal Injury Protection insurance is the name for the PIP coverage. As I stated, it will cover medical expenses and lost wages for the driver as long as he doesn’t waive that coverage with his agent or the insurance company and for the passengers and for any pedestrians that might be involved in the accident. Regardless of who is at fault, they will pay up to $8000 in lost wages and medical expenses. For the medical expenses the first $2000 would be paid by the PIP carrier and then it goes to the health insurance carrier, if the health insurance carrier doesn’t cover that, it goes back to the PIP carrier for a maximum of $8000. Again, if we are talking about lost wages, it goes for $8000 for lost wages and that’s predicated upon 75% of your average weekly wage over the prior 52 week period in time. We are talking about one amount to the maximum of $8000.

Is There A Certain Time Limit To Apply For And Receive PIP Coverage?

PIP coverage covers medical bills and lost wages for 2 years from the date of the incident and it’s recommended that you file your PIP application as soon as possible.

Does The Motorist Need To Sign Up For PIP Coverage Or Is It Automatically Attached To Any Insurance Policy?

PIP coverage is automatically applied to any insurance policy. The driver can waive PIP coverage for himself or herself.

Would Someone Have PIP Coverage Available If They Do Not Own A Vehicle?

Yes. If you are struck by a vehicle and you are a pedestrian or a bicyclist, you would be covered. If you are a passenger in a motor vehicle, you would be covered. If a household member who you are related to by blood or marriage has a policy, you’d be covered.

Would The Services Of a Chiropractor Be Covered Under PIP Coverage?

Yes, it would. Any sort of treatment that is constantly related to the injuries or the accident and is deemed to be reasonable and necessary is covered.

Who Can Render Medical Services Under Personal Injury Protection?

Any person who would be duly licensed.

Are PIP Benefits Limited?

Yes. They are limited to $8000.

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