What Are The Common Causes Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

Common causes of commercial vehicles accidents are driver errors, faulty equipment, fatigue, and the driver not paying attention to the road.

What Type Of Commercial Vehicles Are We Referring To?

We are talking about large truck accidents.

What Are Some Of The Severe Injuries Resulting From Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

Cases that our office or our affiliate offices have been involved in would involve brain injuries, various back, neck, arm and leg injuries with a hardware inserted. By that I mean plates and pins.

What Kind Of Evidence Is Important To Preserve And Collect In commercial Vehicle Wrecks?

It’s imperative that as soon as possible, documentary evidence is assembled and prepared. Photographs of the scene are very essential. In some cases an accident reconstruction expert may be brought out to reconstruct the locus and entire area of the accident.

Who Can Be Held Liable For A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

The operator, the owner, the trucking company, the company that the vehicle was carrying the product for, and the company that loaded the vehicle, among others may all be held liable for a commercial vehicle accident.

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