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Whether you are injured in a car accident or motorcycle accident, at work, during a medical procedure, or while shopping in a store, the road to recovery may be difficult. The personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates P.C. have offered dedicated and knowledgeable legal representation to clients throughout Massachusetts for over 25 years. We have vast experience assisting victims in pursuing compensation from a range of careless individuals and entities, as well as through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. We work tirelessly to achieve outcomes that serve each client’s best interests, taking the time to make sure that they are informed about the status of their case as well as their legal rights and options.

Car Accidents

Car accidents unfortunately are all too common in the Boston area. Drivers and passengers can sustain serious injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord damage, deep lacerations, or burns, as well as traumatic brain injuries. Massachusetts is a “no-fault” state when it comes to insurance claims based on car accidents. This means that your own insurance company is required to pay up to $8,000 under your policy’s benefits for medical bills, regardless of who is liable for a collision. However, when the injuries are more significant, this amount is often not enough to cover all of the costs associated with the impact of an accident, including missing work or the long-lasting effects of any permanent impairment.

Serving people throughout the Boston area, the personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates P.C. can help determine who is liable for your losses and pursue a negligence claim against them. This usually means showing that another driver failed to drive safely and that this directly caused your accident. In many cases, another party, such as the driver’s employer or a manufacturer of a defective car part, also may be brought into the case. Like other personal injury cases, car accident claims must be brought within a certain statute of limitations, so it is important to take action promptly.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable people on the road, since they are often overlooked or ignored by other drivers. When another driver causes a motorcycle accident, he or she should be held accountable. All motorists owe each other a duty to act reasonably under the circumstances. A breach of this duty that causes a victim’s injuries will be deemed negligent and serve as a basis for liability. In Massachusetts, following a modified comparative negligence rule, victims may recover damages for an accident as long as they are less than 51 percent at fault for causing it. This rule can be important in motorcycle accident cases, since defendants and insurers often try to raise arguments related to the victim’s alleged negligence. Our Boston personal injury attorneys can help you fight back against unfair efforts to deny you compensation.

Common damages available in motorcycle accident and other motor vehicle collision cases include past and future medical costs, lost income, diminished earning capacity, property loss, and pain and suffering. Your attorney may retain medical experts and other specialists to explain the full scope of your injuries and losses. We also can advise you on whether to accept a settlement offer or whether you should go to trial in pursuit of a larger award.

Workers’ Compensation

At The Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates P.C., we also assist employees who have been injured on the job in filing workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to people who suffer injuries or illnesses in the course and scope of their employment. They are based on the scope and duration of the employee’s disability, ranging from partial disability benefits to permanent and total disability benefits. An employee who receives workers’ compensation benefits cannot also file a lawsuit against his or her employer related to an injury on the job. However, injured employees may be able to receive additional damages through a personal injury claim against a third party other than their employer or a coworker, such as if they were injured by defective equipment or by a careless driver while they were on the job. A personal injury lawyer in the Boston area can advise you on whether this may be appropriate in your circumstances.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, from a sidewalk to a shopping mall or parking lot. These accidents can also lead to severe injuries, especially for elderly victims or children. When property owners fail to keep premises safe for visitors, they should be held accountable for the harm caused by the dangerous condition. All property owners owe a duty to visitors to keep their properties free from hazards, but business owners owe the highest degree of care to customers. Businesses are required to conduct regular inspections of all areas, fix any unsafe conditions that they find, and warn patrons of known dangers. For instance, failing to put out ‘wet floor’ signs after cleaning can be a negligent act that leads to injuries. Our Boston personal injury lawyers can help you hold a business accountable for this type of oversight. Businesses must also ensure that their employees are properly hired and trained in measures to keep their establishments safe.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a result of a health care professional treating patients in a way that falls below the professional standard of care in the appropriate specialty. Common causes of injuries resulting from malpractice include administering the wrong medication, errors during surgical procedures, misdiagnoses, and birth injuries. These cases tend to be more technical than many personal injury claims because they usually require expert witnesses and follow strict procedural requirements. We can retain a credible expert on your behalf to explain why the defendant’s actions violated the standard of care for a professional in their specialty and draw a causal connection to your injuries.

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No matter the type of accident in which you were injured, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates P.C. can help fight for your rights. We are committed to making sure that our clients know that their needs are being met and their interests aggressively represented throughout the duration of their case. Our firm is available to represent victims throughout Massachusetts, including in areas around Boston, Cambridge, Waltham, Lowell, Newton, Somerville, Quincy, Dedham, Norwood, Brookline, and Peabody. If you have questions regarding your legal options, contact our office at 800.262.9200 or online to speak with an attorney today.

Client Reviews
Barry Feinstein & Affiliates are great. I was injured riding my bike through no fault of my own. They treated me like a friend, not a dollar sign. I recommend them to anyone who wants a great team fighting for them. John C.
I live on Cape Cod — Slipping on ice outside a professional building, I suffered a horrendous injury when I tour my upper leg quad. Barry Feinstein himself, personally handled my case, cutting through all the red tape insurance companies throw in front of the average person… making it almost impossible for the average person to resolve such a case on their own! Barry ensured all medical and physical therapy bills were paid in a timely manner and the matter was resolved far beyond my expectations. Barry’s attention to detail and no nonsense manner in dealing with the insurance companies saved me from financial ruin and has afforded me an opportunity to literally get back on my feet. Thank you Barry you are the best! Cape Cod Tom F.
I was recommend by a friend who had previously been to Barry Feinstein and I needed someone who could handle my case. The people at the office are super friendly and always greeted me by first name, even Barry himself. Him and his team are organized, honest, and have excellent communication skills. Monique G.
I was treated very professionally by personable & compassionate staff, including Attorney Feinstein. He is a champion when it comes to representing his clients. I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend the Feinstein firm to anyone. Derek S.
A true professional who listening to all my questions and answered in laymen’s terms. Best decision I and my husband ever made. A true professional who I would recommend to all my friends and family. Marigrace M.
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