1 dead after car hits bull in Leominster

LEOMINSTER — One person died after a car hit a bull in Leominster late Wednesday.

According to investigators, Steven Hamilton, 22, probably never saw the jet black bull weighing several thousand pounds before he hit it while driving home from work.

“He never had a chance,” said James Hamilton, the victim’s father. “From what I understand, there’s no brake marks on the highway or anything. He just ran right into him.”

State police said that the bull, along with three cows, wandered away from the nearby Manny’s Dairy Farm onto Interstate 190 near Route 117, where Steven’s car drove into the bull, tossing it to the side of the road, killing both Steven and the bull.

The animals somehow got through an electrified fence, and then the fence owned by National Grid, that may already have been knocked down.

The farm owner’s daughter, Susan Chavez, said she doesn’t know how it happened.

“Obviously this is an awful accident, and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I really feel beyond awful for the loss of that family. That’s just an awful thing to have to go through, and I don’t know what else to say,” said Chavez.

Investigators said that farm animals have wandered away from that area before. State police said that they rounded up three runaway cows just last month, and they were possibly from that same farm.

“As far as going down the road if it is criminal negligence, negligent homicide, any of those things that it could possibly fall under, we’re not even close to that yet,” said Lt. James Canty, of the Massachusetts State Police.

Steven Hamilton’s parents said that it is ridiculous that more wasn’t done to keep the bull from the highway.

“It’s a freak accident that could have been avoided,” said Carol Hamilton, the victim’s mother.

“Somebody has animals like that they are supposed to be fenced in, and because of carelessness, my son paid the ultimate price. He’s dead, and that’s ridiculous,” said Hamilton.

According to some of the workers at the farm, there may have been a power failure that would have disabled the electric fence that what supposed to keep the animals on the farm.

State police are looking into that possibility as part of their investigation.