Minivan crashes through Mass. coffee shop

COHASSETT – 9-1-1 Call: “9-1-1 What’s your emergency?”

“Somebody crashed their car through the front of our store building.”

Surveillance video inside Marylou’s coffee shop in Cohasset, Massachusetts shows the shocking video as this Toyota Sienna comes flying through the front of the building, crashing into a wall in the back of the shop.

9-1-1 Call: “It literally just came up over the sidewalk and through the whole front of the store.”

As the employees at Marylou’s called 9-1-1 and jumped into action, manager Alyson Robson says she watched it all unfold, but it seemed like she was imagining it.

Robson said, “All the sudden I see this car pull up and I noticed that it didn’t stop so I thought it was just going to hit the curb and then all of the sudden it just came crashing through the building.”

You can see the driver of the minivan, 42-year-old Joan Herrity, dazed and panicked as she gets out of the car and checks on the workers.

Cohasset Fire Captain James Runey said, “She’s lucky, very lucky, if that Pepsi machine wasn’t there maybe we would have found the car in the back of the plaza and that’s a one story drop.”

Herrity was not injured, and when we caught up with her at her Weymouth home, she was still in shock – saying she doesn’t know what happened to make her car drive through the front of Marylou’s.

“I was on my way to work, I pulled in to go get coffee, pulled in from 3A in and the car just accelerated and went in,” Herrity said, “Still very upset, very in shock about the whole thing.”

As crews work quickly to repair the shop, everyone involved is thankful the accident happened just after their morning rush.
Robson said, “Usually we have a lot of men that do carpentry they are always here at 7:15 in the morning, they came ten minutes early today.”

Herrity said, “Thank God no one was hurt, there was no one in the store at the time except the girls behind the counter and I’m so happy they were behind the counter and they were safe.”