SUV hits Boston fire truck in Mattapan

MATTAPAN — An SUV crashed into a Boston fire truck, and then the fire truck slammed into a light pole in Mattapan on Tuesday afternoon. An off-duty police officer was in that SUV.

The fire truck was on its way to a car accident but just as quickly the four first responders became the victims. The ladder truck was first broadsided by an SUV, and then the truck crashed into a light pole on Harvard Street in Mattapan around 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Witnesses said the fire truck blew through a red light, which caused the crash.

State police are investigating the accident and no charges were filed as of Wednesday afternoon. Investigators are looking to see if the crash was captured on a traffic camera at the busy Mattapan intersection.

Darrell Vinson, the officer involved in the crash, is in the hospital.

“The light turned green and he went and that’s when he got hit by the fire truck,” said Allyson Vinson Bowore, Darrell’s sister.

Under Massachusetts law, emergency vehicles even with the sirens blaring are required to stop at intersections when there is a red light and then they can proceed when it is safe to do so.

Boston fire officials confirm the fire truck had its lights on and siren activated while en route to a car accident.

Residents of the area said the intersection is dangerous to begin with.

“Me and my friends call it one of the most dangerous intersections in Boston because you always have to look left and right and up and down. It’s ridiculous,” said Aleta Dell, a neighbor.

Allyson, who said her brother has been with the Boston Police Department for two decades, was off duty and headed to work, but now he is dealing with a severe leg injury.

“Well, he had a pin in his leg last night and this morning he was going to have surgery,” said Allyson.

Fire officials said the driver of Engine 29 would have gone through drug and alcohol testing. Meanwhile, Allyson is confident her brother will be okay.