2 People Killed in Mattapoisett, Mass. Car Crash

Two people were killed in a car crash in Massachusetts late Monday night, authorities confirm.

“He’d always send a text before getting back in the car to say ‘food is delivered, safe and warm’ and so those were the last text messages that I have,” said The Hollywood Scoop owner Lori Truehart, fighting back tears.

He had just finished washing dishes, closed up for the night at The Hollywood Scoop in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.

When exactly a mile down the road, Brooklyn Cody Rodrigues lost control of his car.

It flipped, rolled and came to rest along this tree on Route 6.

Both Brooklyn, 21, and his 18-year-old girlfriend Meghan Sargent were killed.

She was a senior at Fairhaven High School, just days from graduation.

The entire senior class was ready for graduation rehearsal at 10am, when their principal walked in and told them the unthinkable.

“The first thing she told us was that last night one of our classmates had passed away, and we found out it was Megan Sargent. She gave us a moment,” said classmate Evan Grodzki.

“This is absolutely the worst part of the job, is losing a student. Sometimes you don’t have answers for things like this,” said Fairhaven High School principal Tara Kohler.

Meghan was an honors student, the drum major in the marching band, having just been part of the Memorial Day parade.

Meghan was about to finish school.

“I know they want to leave a seat for her at graduation open,” Grodzki said.

And Brooklyn was thrilled about all that lay ahead.

“This picture just portrays the Brooklyn that I hired and I’m going to miss immensely. Short time and it made a big mark,” Truehart said.

Principal Kohler plans to read Meghan’s name, and let her family decide how to handle receipt of her diploma.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Rodrigues’ family with service expenses. In addition, a fundraiser is planned at the Hollywood Scoop on June 7.

Source: NECN