2 rescued from overturned car after crash in Roxbury

A car ended up on its roof in Roxbury, right near an MBTA bus Monday and now police are trying to figure out what happened and who was involved.

People in the area say they rushed to help two women out of the car.

“I said to her ‘just don’t move let me get all of this class and debris out, are you hurt, are you ok?’ and she said ‘I’m not ok,’” Joseph Vann said.

Vann says he saw the car flip over and rushed to help while other people tried to calm the other woman.

“She said ‘please help me out,’ and that’s what I did. I opened the door and cut the belt and she fell down and I got her out the car,” Raymond Frederick said.

It’s unclear what caused the red Honda to end up on its roof along busy Washington Street in Roxbury.

Vann describes what he saw.

“The car went airborne when the bus nipped it, it went airborne,” he said. “He kept going he was told by people on the bus to stop. This is one of the guys that got off the bus, he came back to the scene, he said he asked the bus driver to stop.”

According to Boston Police several witnesses at the scene told them the car and bus made contact.

But the MBTA says their bus was not involved in the accident.

Vann just hopes the women he helped will be ok.

“I just did what god asked me to do and i hope someone else would do the same for me,” he said.

Witnesses say both women were awake and talking when they were taken away from the scene.

Source: WHDH