Crashed tow truck cannot be removed from building

A tow truck that crashed into a Roxbury, Massachusetts building Monday is still there because of fear that pulling the truck out of the building could cause a collapse.

Officials fear that the building may come tumbling down when the truck is removed from the six unit apartment building.

“We heard the whole building shook, it was like boom, boom, boom,” said Crystal Lipomi, a resident.

Lipomi was inside her home when the out of control Boston Transportation tow truck slammed right into it.

“I could see the whole truck in the building, bricks everywhere, smoke. I went upstairs and I heard the fire department come. The fire department came and they told us we have to leave the building. We had to jump out the window,” said Lipomi.

“It hit that building so hard that bricks started coming tumbling down,” said Karen Preston.

Witnesses said the tow truck was going very fast down Saint James Street moments before the crash.

“He said his foot was on the gas and he couldn’t reach the brake and all you heard you heard was…boom into the building, and the building started falling down,” said Cheryl Holmes, a witness.

Before slamming into the house, he first hit Holmes’ car.

“He hit my car, bounced of my car he hit it so hard, he went into the silver car. The sliver car went this way, his truck went that way,” said Preston, whose car was also hit.

“The accident was substantial, we’re just grateful that nobody, including the driver, was hurt. As you can also tell by the activity behind me, this accident is being investigated by the Boston Police,” said Boston Transportation Commissioner Thomas Tinlin.

Some of the residents inside the home were evacuated to a bus, without knowing when they might get to go back inside.

“We can’t go back in there. They said we need to find a place to sleep,” said Lipomi.

The tow truck will stay inside the building at least until Tuesday afternoon.

The investigation is ongoing. There is no word on the driver’s name or the driver’s record.