Accident sends 2 trucks into Brockton, Mass. apartment building

“He dodged a few cars at this light right here and… I don’t know… he hit the house and the car.”

It was an accident that made jaws drop in Brockton, Mass.

A green pickup truck hit a parked maroon pickup truck, sending both into a triple decker apartment building around 7:30 a.m. Monday morning.

Eyewitnesses say the green truck was driving very fast.

Police are investigating whether or not the driver may have had a medical condition of some kind.

“The operator was med-flighted to Boston… no one was in the maroon pickup truck which is good.”

“I have no idea (what happened). It woke me out of bed.”

Charles Beckman, the owner of the maroon truck that took the brunt of the damage, is happy to be safe and still has his sense of humor.

“I’m alive… I wasn’t in it so, I’m alive… I can replace the truck. Want to buy it?”

It took crews nearly two hours to remove the trucks from the house; they used a crane to remove the green truck.

The accident has displaced four families, who are being assisted by the Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts. They will stay in a hotel for the night, as there is structural damage to the building and possibly utility damage.

Police told NECN that the driver of the green truck has serious but not life-threatening injuries.

Source:  NECN