Accident turns fatal in Malden

MALDEN – A 50-year-old woman has died after being hit by a car Wednesday night in Malden.

The death was confirmed Thursday by Malden Police, who did not release the name.

Police were dispatched to the Broadway area Wednesday night after reports of two pedestrians being hit by a motor vehicle.

The driver, who stayed at the scene until authorities arrived, was indentified as a local woman by police, who did not offer further details.

Malden Police Lt. Marc Gatcomb said the incident is still under investigation.

A 45-year-old man was also struck and transported to a hospital. Authorities did not release his name as of Friday.

The man was indentified as “Mr. He” by his wife later in the week. She told The Observer He had just gotten off a bus and was on his way home from work when the accident happened.

“We’re still in shock,” she told the Observer. “He’s only one minute away from home, and in the middle of nowhere, there came a car driving so fast it just hit him. He didn’t see it coming at all..we’re still shaken by the whole thing and feel very bad about the woman who died from the accident, my husband was only one or two steps in front of her.”

He reported injuries to the back, leg, neck and head and was released from Mass General Hospital on Thursday, though still in pain. He wife said the family relocated from Guanzhou, China six years ago and currently live in local public housing.