Bicyclist injured in accident, motorist cited

BOXFORD – A bicyclist from Ipswich sustained major injuries early Monday night in East Boxford Village when he was hit by a car near the intersection of Topsfield Road and Main Street, near the Melvin Green.

Daniel MacAlpine, 54, editor of the Transcript’s sister papers, the Ipswich Chronicle and the Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle, was taken by Med-Flight helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital a little before 6 p.m., where he remains in the Intensive Care Unit in stable condition.

MacAlpine was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Boxford Police Chief Michael Murphy confirmed that the driver of the vehicle was 22-year-old Ryan Casey from North Andover. A witness said Casey was riding with two other male passengers.

Sun in the car driver’s eyes is believed to be the cause of the accident. The driver said he was blinded by the glare of the sun as he traveled in a westerly direction down Topsfield Road and started to turn onto Main Street. MacAlpine was traveling east down Topsfield Road when the collision occurred.

Boxford Police Chief Michael Murphy said Thursday Casey was issued a citation for “failure to use care and caution when turning.”

Boxford Fire Chief Kerry Stickney said the car’s right side hit MacAlpine, throwing him up into the windshield of the car, over the roof and onto the ground.

The Boxford Fire Department arrived at the scene at 5:35 p.m. after receiving a call at 5:33 p.m. The Boxford Police Department and EMTs were also at the scene, as well as onlookers and passers-by.

Firefighters put a collar brace on the victim and loaded him onto a backboard, according to Stickney. Lyons transported him from the Common to the East Fire Station where the helicopter was waiting. MacAlpine was then loaded to the helicopter and flown to Mass. General.

“[MacAlpine] was flown out at approximately 15 [to 20] minutes after we got there,” said Stickney.

North Andover resident Maryanne Biondi, 52, her daughter and husband were first to the scene.

“We came upon it probably seconds after it happened,” said Maryanne, who was on her way to dinner in Newburyport with her husband, Mark Biondi, and 19-year-old daughter, Kirsten Cavic.

The family saw MacAlpine lying on the ground and immediately pulled over in front of him.

Biondi said she and her daughter ran to MacAlpine’s side while Mark Biondi dialed 911.

“It seemed like most of his injuries were on his left side,” said Maryanne.

Another woman approached the scene in a vehicle and called 911 as well, according to Maryanne.

MacAlpine managed to free his left hand from underneath his body and wiggle his fingers, which Maryanne and Cavic took as a cue to take hold and attempted to comfort him.

“He looked like he was in shock,” said a still-shaken Maryanne Biondi on Tuesday morning. “My daughter and I just wanted to comfort him, just to let him know that someone was comforting him.”

Maryanne continued to hold MacAlpine’s hand until the Police Department and EMTs arrived, and her daughter continued to hold his hand while the EMTs worked on him.

Maryanne said that MacAlpine was then taken away in the ambulance to be Med-Flighted from the field behind the Fire Station.

The accident scene grew rapidly in the course of 30 minutes as the roads were blocked off and many onlookers gathered on the side of the road.

“Although he is seriously injured he is expected to recover,” said Murphy.