Bicyclist killed in Cambridge crash identified as 60-year-old from Lexington

AMBRIDGE, Mass. – A man was killed Wednesday when he crashed with an 18-wheeler in Porter Square in Cambridge.

The crash happened during the Wednesday morning commute on Massachusetts Avenue. Witnesses told FOX25 they heard screeching of brakes before the crash.

“I looked up the light was yellow. The next thing saw…I heard some sort of impact and then I see pieces fly everywhere,” a witness told FOX25.

Wednesday night, the Middlesex District Attorney identified the victim as Bernard Lavins, 60, of Lexington.

Altogether, two cars and another truck were also part of the crash scene. It’s unclear still who is at fault.

Commuters were asked to avoid the area as the district attorney investigated, towing away the truck, which was from an egg company out of Connecticut.

FOX25 looked into the company’s history and discovered 11 inspections in the past two years, resulting in 23 violations. Two of the violations were for using a cell phone while driving, one was for speeding, and one was for a maintenance issue involving the brakes and a turn signal.

Massachusetts Avenue was shut down in both directions for a period of time.

Earlier this year there was a fatal bicycle crash at Inman Square in Cambridge. A driver opened its door into a bicyclist’s path. The bicyclist hit the door, and then fell into traffic, where she was hit again.

At Porter Square, there have been 141 reported bicycle crashes between 2005 and 2014, but none of them were fatal.