Car crashes into home


BROCKTON – It wasn’t the “bump in the night” the Cicchetti family was expecting Christmas Eve.

“It sounded like a gas explosion,” says Steven Cicchetti.

This is all that’s left of their front yard.

“There’s no more porch, this is pretty much it,” says Cicchetti.

Thousands of dollars of damage, thanks to this car.

“I can still see a hubcap left on the ground.”

The driver apparently lost control.

“It sounded like a train was coming. We heard the engine of the car racing up and then for a minute that noise went away and then we heard the crash.”

“The whole house shook, but I wasn’t really sure so I just came running out and when I saw the porch was gone, I couldn’t, I had no words. It was amazing,” says Brandon Cicchetti.

“I thought the house exploded or something. I was dozing off on the couch when I heard it. When I looked out the window and seen this poor house I couldn’t believe it. These neighbors are so nice. I feel so bad for the,” says neighbor Melissa Vacca.

Brockton police said the driver so far isn’t facing any charges.

The Cicchetti’s and neighbors said he walked away scratch-free, worried he was being followed.

As for the damage, the family knows its a Christmas miracle no one inside was hurt and they’re taking it all in good strides.

“We’re building a moat, that’s what I’m telling people. This is the first step, take the porch out,” says Cicchetti.