Car knocks over Massachusetts gas station pump, attendant in accident

Police in Walpole are trying to determine why an 83-year-old driver sped up and knocked over the pump Monday morning, which started a small fire. The attendant is expected to recover from his injuries.

gas-station-gifA gas attendant in Walpole, Mass., endured a terrifying ordeal when a car sped up while pulling alongside a pump, knocking him and the stand out of the way.

The incident occurred at 11:31 a.m. Monday when an 83-year-old man in a blue car attempted to get gas at the 1A Auto Center, Lt. Christopher Mackenzie told the Daily News. The accident, captured by surveillance video, shows the driver accelerated as he was near the pump station. He then swerved to the left to avoid an SUV in front of him, knocking directly into an attendant wearing a bright neon rain coat.

The pump was knocked over and the attendant latched onto the hood and traveled about 20 feet, Mackenzie said. But he luckily was knocked away from the pump, which caught fire.

The SUV sped away after the crash to avoid the blaze.

The 47-year-old attendant, whose name was being withheld, was transported to a local hospital with possible broken bones, but he is expected to recover from his injuries, Mackenzie said. He did not suffer any burn marks.

The employee had stepped aside to allow the car to pull in, but was not looking at the vehicle when it hit him.

“It definitely could have been a lot worse,” Mackenzie said. “I don’t think he expected it at all.”

The crash is still under investigation and no charges have been made against the driver, whose name was also not released by police.

The driver was unable to provide police with details after the incident, Mackenzie said.

“He was in a little bit of shock,” he said. “Age definitely played a factor.”