Charlton woman who died in car crash loved children

CHARLTON – A 27-year-old Charlton woman who died early Monday morning in an SUV crash on Route 20 loved children and loved working with children.

“It didn’t matter the child. She just loved them with all her heart,” Carol Kavorkian said of her daughter, Katie L. Kavorkian. “And she just found them to be smart and amusing. She really put the time to put together different kinds of crafts activities and fun things for them to do to try to keep them entertained.”

Katie L. Kavorkian, of 57 H. Putnam Road, Charlton, was driving her 2003 GMC Envoy east on Route 20, when she lost control of the vehicle, crossed four lanes and was ejected when the sport utility vehicle rolled over on Route 20, between Sampson Road and Zorba’s Restaurant. She was taken by ambulance to Harrington Hospital in Southbridge, where she was pronounced dead, police said.

Officer Derek Gaylord said residents at 140 Sturbridge Road called 911 at 1 a.m. Monday to report the crash. He said the vehicle came to rest in the driveway of that home.

Police do not believe Ms. Kavorkian was wearing a seat belt.

Ms. Kavorkian was traveling to Xtra Mart on Route 20, Oxford, to work the night shift when the accident occurred, according to Carol Kavorkian.

“She was staying at a friend’s that night,” Mrs. Kavorkian said. “My husband (John “Jack” Kavorkian) had talked to her on the phone at 10 o’clock that night, just because they had plans the next day to go pick up a new, used car.”

Over the year, Katie worked at daycare centers, children’s summer camps and did “nanny-kind of work” for various families, her mother said.

Ms. Kavorkian graduated from Shepherd Hill Regional High School in Dudley, and attended Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. In addition to her parents, Ms. Kavorkian leaves a younger sister, Kristin Kavorkian, and her paternal grandmother, Theresa Kavorkian, all of Charlton, as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins.

“Katie was just really full of life. She was so passionate in the things that she loved,” Mrs. Kavorkian said.

One of the things that Katie was very passionate about was her Armenian heritage, which connected with her love of history, a love that was instilled in her at high school, Mrs. Kavorkian said. Ms. Kavorkian once had aspirations of being a high school history teacher but was hesitant because of her fondness for young children. She also wanted to go to Armenia someday and work with less fortunate children, according to her mother.

“Her plans down the road were to open up her own preschool or daycare center. That’s what she really had on her list to get done and was striving for,” Mrs. Kavorkian said. “She always wanted to have children someday but, unfortunately, time ran out on her. She just wanted to be a mom to her own children someday but, in the meantime, she had no problem acting like a mom-type person and just to give the love to anyone’s child.”

In addition to her fondness for children, Ms. Kavorkian was dedicated to the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, as well as her family and friends.

“It was really important for her to get back to family and celebrate the traditional holidays with family,” Mrs. Kavorkian said of her daughter. “If you were her friend, she was just such a loyal friend and she would defend you to the end.”

Mrs. Kavorkian said it was a privilege to have Katie as a daughter and the family will miss her every day.

“I’m going to miss her wit – she was so funny – and just her passion. One other thing that I admired so much about her is just a forgiving person. … And she had the most beautiful smile,” Mrs. Kavorkian said. “I saw her Saturday. That was the last time she walked through my door. And I’m not going to see that beautiful girl come through my door again.”

State police from the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section were called to assist Charlton police with their investigation, which is ongoing.

Source: Telegram