Driver: Debris fell from Tip O’Neill Tunnel, hit car

BOSTON — A driver claims his car’s cracked windshield is the result of trouble from the Big Dig.

Richard Boch said he’s lucky he didn’t crash his car after something suddenly hit his windshield while he was driving southbound through the Tip O’Neill Tunnel on his way to work on Wednesday.

“It literally sounded like there was an explosion in my car,” said Boch.

Boch believes some type of bolt fell from the ceiling of the tunnel nearly impaling his windshield.

“It kind of happened very fast, but I saw probably an inch, inch and a half object fall down from the ceiling that was probably 10 or 15 feet in front of me and I was going about 35 miles an hour so it was just a direct impact,” said Boch.

Boch said he was so surprised he didn’t know what he should do so he continued on his way to work. Once he got out of his car and saw the damage he said he knew he had to contact police and file a report.

“I just want it to be corrected. The only reason I’m bringing this to everyone’s attention is to try to just fix the problem that’s going on in there,” said Boch.

State officials say they are looking into the incident very closely.

“We’re in the process of confirming whether something came from the ceiling or if in fact what normally occurs — some kind of debris may kick up off the road and onto someone’s windshield,” said Secretary of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Richard Davey.

Boch said it is unlikely that the damage was caused by road debris. He said something falling from the ceiling caught his eye the moment before impact. Boch said he always felt safe in the tunnels, but now he’s not sure.

“Now everyday I’m going to think about it, I’ll tell you that. Every time I got through there I’m going to be kind of ducking and looking around to see if there’s something coming down,” said Boch.

The Department of Transportation said they immediately sent inspectors into the tunnel. They didn’t find any debris or missing materials. They say they will continue to investigate and are taking this very seriously.