Duck boat accident victims rushed to hospital

07/16/10, 10:58 p.m. EST

BOSTON — Several victims were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital after a duck boat accident in Boston on Friday.

The victims included five adults and one child, however no life threatening injuries were reported.

“This big white thing come right down the side of my car, it just started banging. It took me a minute to actually realize it was the duck boat,” said Tim McDonald, one of the victims.

Tim McDonald’s Ford pickup truck was one of the vehicles hit by the duck boat.

“It didn’t make sense that it just kept going, and I’m saying, ‘My God, it’s hitting more cars and more cars,’ and cars were being pushed aside, and it was like a tank coming through and just hitting us little cars out of the way,” said McDonald.

McDonald was taken to the emergency room with neck and shoulder pain.

“It didn’t seem like people got drastically hurt, thank God, for that size vehicle hitting all those cars,” said McDonald.

“I got hit two or three times, and my daughter had just had surgery, and so they’ve taken her back over to Mass. General” said Marjorie Ross, another victim.

Despite the accident, McDonald had words of praise for the driver of the duck boat.

“The driver actually did a very good job of minimizing the damages because he could have probably also gone over to where the vehicles…he probably could have went over the side of the bridge if he had decided not to hit us and took it the other way,” said McDonald.

According to McDonald the driver of the duck boat got out of the vehicle and began apologizing to everyone.

The driver said he lost his brakes and had to throw the vehicle into park to get it to stop.