Family blames Big Dig railings for man’s death

Group Suing Builders, Developers Of Tunnels

BOSTON – A Massachusetts man’s death is being blamed on a railing that has been eyed in several other deaths in the Big Dig tunnels.

“All of our past and all of our future was wrapped up in each other. This has completely crushed our entire family,” Donna Hicks said.

Brian Hicks was 39 when he died. His pickup crashed as he entered the on ramp to Storrow Drive.

“No other family should have to go through what we are going through,” Donna Hicks said.

The family’s lawsuit against the builders and designers of the Big Dig tunnels blames the hand rails that have been cited as factors in seven other deaths.

“We are seeking accountability. We are seeking justice and the removal or covering of all those railings,” attorney Barry Feinstein said.

State police said Brian Hicks was driving too fast when he came through the Sumner Tunnel. He hit one side of the tunnel and then the other and was ejected, but his family said he could have survived if not for the tunnel’s railings.

“It’s difficult to understand why we had to get to eight. Wasn’t two or three or another number enough to take action to take care of the problem?” Donna Hicks said. “My husband was a wonderful man, a great brother and son and a great husband. He was an incredible man.”