Heroic bystanders rescue 2 drivers in Revere

REVERE – Heroic bystanders rescued two drivers from the fiery wreckage of a car accident Sunday.

Brian Gabriel and his friends were pumping gas at a nearby station in Revere when they heard the collision.

“We just heard a big bang,” said Gabriel, “like a gunshot, like a gunshot at a gun range. Then we just ran over.”

Gabriel and his two friends dashed into danger to try to save the lives of strangers. They say around 2 am, the first car came flying into the intersection and slammed into the other – which quickly went up in flames.

“People were trying to put it out with the fire extinguisher and it kept getting higher,” said Gabriel. “And then we noticed there was one guy in there, it was so smoky it was like walking inside a cave.”

He says he and his friends were able to get the first driver out of harm’s way, but they were still struggling with the second driver when police arrived.

“Everyone rushed to the car. The cop took him over the shoulder and pulled him out and everyone started ripping off his clothes, and bringing him to safety,” said Gabriel. “We brought the first guy away, too, because we thought the car was going to blow up. It was just scary.”

Officials say the driver who was burned is being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital. The other driver is allegedly facing numerous chargers, including driving to endanger and reckless driving.