Holbrook pedestrian struck on sidewalk along Route 37

HOLBROOK — A distracted driver veered onto a sidewalk and struck a 22-year-old Holbrook man, throwing him about 20 feet and causing life-threatening injuries, fire officials said.

“He was just minding his own business, walking down the sidewalk,” Holbrook Fire Lt. Donald Austin said of the victim, whose name was not released. “The operator of the car apparently got distracted and went up on the sidewalk (and struck him).”

“He got hit, he apparently bounced off the windshield of the car, and he was thrown up about 20 feet into the yard,” he said.

The accident occurred near 188 North Franklin St. (Route 37), about 11:15 a.m. Sunday, police said.

Police did not release the driver’s name.

The victim was flown by helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where he underwent surgery. His condition was not known on Sunday. Firefighters did not release his name, citing federal medical privacy laws.

Police had said earlier in the day the victim was struck while crossing the street. But Austin, who responded to the scene, said the victim was walking on a sidewalk, not crossing the street, when he was struck.

Austin said the victim was struck and thrown about 20 feet into the yard of a residence. He was found in the yard, lying on his back underneath a tree.

When emergency crews arrived, the victim was “in and out of consciousness,” Austin said.

“We called for availability of MedFlight, realizing he needed to go to a trauma center,” Austin said.

State police responded to investigate. The MedFlight helicopter left from Sumner Field on South Franklin Street.

Holbrook police officer Danny Ford is investigating.