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How Can Delaying Medical Treatment Impact my Auto Accident Claim?

If you are feeling fine after an auto accident, then that is the best we can hope for. I often tell my clients that the best thing that will happen is that the pain goes away, and they do not have a claim. Nevertheless, the best thing to do after you are involved with an auto accident is to seek medical treatment if necessary, no matter how minor your injuries may be if any at all. If you experience no discomfort after an accident, then things should remain as they are. However, if you are experiencing any medical issues, you need to get things checked out. Oftentimes, people will not have any discomfort until later on. Some people are in shock after an auto accident, and these medical symptoms will rear their ugly heads several days later.

The only thing that I would suggest is that the longer you wait, and if we are talking about weeks, months, the longer you wait, the more an insurance company, or a defense attorney may try to place the problems that you have on something other than the actual automobile accident. They may try to say that maybe you were lifting something, or that you have pre-existing medical issues. They may try to place the blame back on you. Therefore, it is best to have the situation checked out as soon as possible with any medical provider. Always make sure you follow through with any suggestions from any medical provider.

How Important is Following Doctor’s Orders in an Auto Accident Claim?

If you seek treatment during that three-year statute, which causes your bills to exceed the threshold limit, or the injuries exceed the threshold limit, then you can pursue the claim. It is very important to follow the protocol of all medical providers, whether it is a medical physician, or even physical therapists. One should always listen to the doctor’s advice, and if you do not, that is certainly going to affect the damages for compensation from that accident.

How Important are Evidence And Witnesses in an Auto Accident Claim?

Evidence and witnesses are very important in any injury claim, especially today with the advent and popularity of cellphones. It is important that we document evidence as soon as possible. I mean, if you are looking at an accident wherever that accident happened, it is important that we photograph the location of the accident. It is also important that we photograph any skid marks, damage to both vehicles, the weather, any obstructions on the road, anything related to the accident that you can think of. It is vital we obtain, and document statements from witnesses as soon as possible, because either they might disappear, no longer available, or their memory may fade with time, so it is very important that we take those steps sooner than later.

This is where an attorney experienced in handling personal injury cases can provide assistance and can give that edge. This is our job, this is what we are trained to do, and I have been practicing personal injury cases well over twenty-five years. I know how to fight against the big insurance companies, and everybody has a certain skillset. People are scared after any kind of auto accident, especially if injuries occurred. That is why you should hire an attorney experienced in personal injury cases.

How Long do Auto Accident Claims Typically Take to get Resolved?

In cases that have a value of less than $10,000, many are able to be resolved within that nine to twelve month period. Nevertheless, those cases where the damages are more extensive, and the treatment is costly, they can oftentimes take a year and a half to two years to resolve. Those figures are certainly not cast in stone, those are just the general sense of things, and each case is individual. Many cases may fall outside of those timeframes, but speaking as a rule I would say up to one year in the smaller claims, two years on the larger cases. It could fluctuate depending on the particular circumstances.

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