How To Handle Complex Car Accidents In Florida

According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), more than 2 million people reported auto accident injuries in the United States and death count was almost 35,095 in 2015. Every month in Florida, more than 30,000 car accident cases are reported which demonstrates the accident risk. Car crashes may happen when least expected so it is necessary to understand the accident risks and who to contact afterward. At, we represent our clients who are the victims of car accident injuries involving several different circumstances.

After the accident, the most important thing to do is to make sure that the injuries are diagnosed, treated, and stabilized properly. Physical health should be the top priority, and the concern about the medical and hospital bills should not stop the victim from getting the proper treatment needed. The victim should call a skilled Florida auto accident lawyer after the accident to discuss the legal rights.

Car Accident Losses

Victims of car accident suffer different losses that stem directly from the accident. Car accident losses in Florida include:

Medical or Hospital Expenses: treatment of any injury can be expensive. Visiting the hospital emergency, medication, follow-up visits, and diagnostics tests may require even in the relatively minor injuries. Severe injuries surgeries, hospitalization, and even long-term assistance or care. Having a lawyer who will thoroughly consider the past and future medical costs will make that the client seek full compensation amount for the injuries.

Loss of income: many injuries may keep the victim out of work for a long time and sometimes prevent from returning back to the previous job. For some, losing per day wage can affect their finances especially with medical bills also. The victim deserves compensation for miss work either it is because of the injuries or medical bills. If the injuries cause impairment and are permanent and the victim seeks for low-paying work or forced to stop working, then he/she should recover the compensation for future ability of lost earning.

Property damage: Repairing car after the accident can cause a lot of money. When the other party hit the car, victim deserves compensation not only for the damage done to the car but also for the diminished value of the vehicle. Certain damages immediately and considerably decrease the car’s value.

How Will We Help You

It’s complicated to determine the liability in any kind of accident. In our firm, we initiate investigations regularly into the car accident causes so to identify when the clients have a right to further legal actions. Investigating such cases may require extensive resources, expert analysis of the accident reconstruction, and review of records, witness interview, and surveillance videos.  Our attorneys have access to resources and tools that are needed to determine the liability of someone else for the crash. Our lawyers have been assisting the victims of car accidents for several years in Florida and are truly committed to protecting the rights of injured in car accidents.