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How was Your Experience Been in Handling Personal Injury Cases?

I’ve been exclusively practicing personal injury law for over 25 years. I find it to be quite rewarding. People come in and unfortunately, they are injured or they are hurt. We try to help get the medical bills paid, and we try to get their lost wages reimbursed; hopefully when they are feeling better, which most are only when we reach a result where the doctor says “this is the best that you are going to be,” then most times we are able to provide them with a significant check. That doesn’t take the pain away but under our system of laws, that is an attempt to try and make them whole after an accident. So I find that quite rewarding that we can take that pressure off the people in terms of getting medical bills taken care of and getting their lost wages reimbursed, and helping to get them compensated at the end.

What are the top Misconceptions People Have About Personal Injury Attorneys and the Recovery Process?

Many people have a misconception that the process can take many years when in fact, with many smaller cases, a claim might be resolved within 9 months to 12 months. Some of the more significant cases can take a year and a half to two years. I’m not saying that’s always the case, but many people have a misconception that this is going to take 4, 5 or 7 years. Because this is all that we do and this is all that we’ve been doing for a long period of time, we utilize systems that have streamlined the process. As I said, the smaller cases, we are able to resolve many of them in as little as 9-12 months.

Do Most Personal Injury Claims Settle Prior to Trial?

Most cases do end up settling at some point. They can either settle within that 9 to 12 month window and there are other cases that settle before the trial or that settle while the jury is still making their decision. Every case that comes into our office is prepared for a trial. If you are going to settle a case, you must be sure to settle the case fairly and get people the compensation that they deserve. It has to be done from a position of strength, and so we don’t accept the case to settle it. When we accept a case, we prepare that case like it’s going to be tried.

What are the Statute Of Limitations for Bringing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts statute of limitations is 3 years for personal injury cases and it’s 4 years for cases involving workers’ compensation. I would note though that there are also certain notice requirements. So they could be as short as 30 days for a defect in a public way, or they could be two years in a claim against cities and states. Each case is individual and we have to look at each case for the statute against the notice requirements.

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Client Reviews
Barry Feinstein & Affiliates are great. I was injured riding my bike through no fault of my own. They treated me like a friend, not a dollar sign. I recommend them to anyone who wants a great team fighting for them. John C.
I live on Cape Cod — Slipping on ice outside a professional building, I suffered a horrendous injury when I tour my upper leg quad. Barry Feinstein himself, personally handled my case, cutting through all the red tape insurance companies throw in front of the average person… making it almost impossible for the average person to resolve such a case on their own! Barry ensured all medical and physical therapy bills were paid in a timely manner and the matter was resolved far beyond my expectations. Barry’s attention to detail and no nonsense manner in dealing with the insurance companies saved me from financial ruin and has afforded me an opportunity to literally get back on my feet. Thank you Barry you are the best! Cape Cod Tom F.
I was recommend by a friend who had previously been to Barry Feinstein and I needed someone who could handle my case. The people at the office are super friendly and always greeted me by first name, even Barry himself. Him and his team are organized, honest, and have excellent communication skills. Monique G.
I was treated very professionally by personable & compassionate staff, including Attorney Feinstein. He is a champion when it comes to representing his clients. I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend the Feinstein firm to anyone. Derek S.
A true professional who listening to all my questions and answered in laymen’s terms. Best decision I and my husband ever made. A true professional who I would recommend to all my friends and family. Marigrace M.