Local woman survives horrific hit & run

Crime captured on cell phone camera

A Tiverton woman is lucky to be alive after surviving a horrific hit and run crash that was caught on camera in Fall River.

Donna Adams was leaving a South Main Street bakery on Saturday when police say a suspected drunk driver slammed into Adams with his car, then ran over her legs.

“I turned around because I didn’t want to see him hit me. So I turned around and he flipped me on his hood,” Adams said.

After witnessing Adams get struck and thrown to the ground, an eyewitness, Justin DaSilva, pulled out his cell phone camera and began recording.  His video shows the car driving over Adams’ legs.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw,” DaSilva said afterwards.  “When it first happened I though to myself, ‘Did that really happen?’ And when I did — I saw her legs — she got thrown under the car, I was like ‘Who does something like that?'”

Tow truck driver Daryl Parent also witnessed the crash.

“He hit her then he ran over her legs and took off.”

The suspect’s car crashed around the corner and another witness held the driver down until police arrived.

Now the driver,  Antonio Martis is facing multiple charges including driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.