Motorcyclist Pinned Under SUV on Concord Rotary

Minor injuries were reported when an accident occurred on the Concord Route 2 rotary between a Motorcycle and an SUV.

According to a Massachusetts State Police spokesperson, at approximately 3:20 p.m., a 30 year-old Brockton man, David Choe, riding a 2009 Honda motorcycle, was involved in an accident on the Concord Route 2 rotary with a 16 year-old driving an SUV Lexus. Minor injuries were reported.

According to West Concord resident, Ed Bokhour, who was an eye witness to the account, Choe was trapped underneath the SUV and many people on the scene assisted to free him. (Bokhour contacted the Concord Patch editor to provide him with this information):

“When I arrived, several people were getting out of their cars and a few had begun trying to lift the SUV off the motorcyclist,” said Bokhour. “Traffic began to back up in the rotary, so I began directing cars around the vehicles, which were at the east end of the rotary. Three prison guards arrived, followed shortly by a State Trooper, and began to help with the efforts to free the victim as well as manage traffic. Eventually, something like a dozen passing motorists had stopped and were all trying to tilt the car on its side and free the victim. They succeeded in pulling him free, holding the van at (at least) a 45 degree angle, then gently letting it down again. Another State Trooper arrived, followed shortly by the Concord Fire Department, and more state police, who took control of the scene.”