Norwell teen accused of running over Rockland girls “hears voices,” judge is told

Posted May 4, 2010 04:43 PM

By Molly A. K. Connors, Globe Correspondent and John R. Ellement, Globe Staff

The Norwell teen charged with running down four teenagers in Rockland on Monday has a history of mental disorders and has been hospitalized three times in the past after he committed violent acts, a judge was told today.

Nathan W. Delaplain-Zook was arraigned in Hingham District Court today where not guilty pleas were entered on his behalf to three counts of attempted murder and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after the incident in Rockland.

A court mental health expert who evaluated Delaplain-Zock told District Court Judge Patrick J. Hurley that the 18-year-old has been sent to mental health hospitals three times after he committed violent acts. He also hears voices, said Jodie Shapiro.

Shapiro, added, however, that the teen was not hearing voices on Monday when he allegedly drove a minivan into a group of girls gathered in the parking lot of a Rockland condominium where a fight was supposed to take place between groups of teens from Rockland and Norwell.

His attorney, Paul Hayes, had pushed for the evaluation. “He has a history of being treated for certain disorders,” Hayes told the judge.

Hurley ruled that Delaplain-Zook is currently competent and ordered him held without bail.

According to a Rockland police report filed in court, Delaplain-Zook is a student at the South Shore Collaborative in Norwell. According to the school’s website, the collaborative is “for students and adults diagnosed with a wide range of intellectual, educational, emotional, social, physical and/or medical challenges,” according to its website.

Wearing a baggy white jumper, black sneakers with red shoelaces, and restraints on both wrists and ankles, Delaplain-Zook watched the proceedings while he gripped the railing separating him from the rest of the courtroom.

According to police, Delaplain-Zook was behind the wheel of a white Toyota Sienna carrying five passengers when the minivan pulled into a parking space in the condo’s parking lot at the intersection of Church and Blanchard Streets in Rockland.

Up to 30 teens were in the lot and after words were exchanged between teens in the lot and those in the minivan, Delaplain-Zook allegedly backed out of the space at a high rate of speed, “screeching its tires” as he did.

Delaplain-Zook allegedly “drove straight at a group of bystanders,” hitting at least two girls. He then sped around a corner of the building and drove the minivan over a 5-foot gravel embankment, sending it airborne.

When police arrived at about 3:55 p.m., the Rockland paramedics were already treating the victims, three girls and one boy, police said.

At least 100 people had gathered, “yelling and screaming” at the “very chaotic scene,” police said.

Victims included Julea White, 14, who was transferred to a Boston hospital and whose condition is not known; Matthew Parmenter, 16, whose mother said he was treated at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital and released; Alyssa Gilloly, 16, who was in fair condition at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth on Monday; and a fourth, whose identity and condition have not been confirmed.