Person struck by vehicle in Natick, Mass.

(NECN: Jeff Saperstone) – Police say a car smashed into a pickup truck and struck a man who was loading a lawn mower onto the bed.

The force was so loud that it startled Edward Sharib.

“I guess he went out to lower his lift gate, and I went into my garage to get a couple pieces of wood to help him lower it onto his truck, and next thing I know, I hear a loud crash,” said Sharib.

The man was picking up some old equipment from Sharib’s home on Speen Street in Natick, Massachusetts When he was struck.

Police say he suffered significant head injuries and was eventually flown by helicopter to the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester.

“Definitely had injuries to the back of his head, a lot of bleeding,” said Sharib. “Hopefully, it’s nothing more than a bad concussion.”

The driver of the white car and the passenger were also hurt. Sharib says it seemed like the driver never saw the man standing on the side of the road.

“What happened was just a loud bang, which means there was no breaking, no skidding, nothing,” he said. “No skid marks here.”

In seven years living there, Sharib says he’s never seen an accident outside his home. He’s quite angry at the driver, whom he believes was not paying attention.

“There’s no reason why that should have happened on this street, there’s plenty of room,” said Sharib. “I can’t describe any other way that that truck didn’t get seen except to have had your head down, doing something else.”

Police tell NECN the driver will be charged in this case.

Source: NECN