Police say dump truck driver failed to use parking brake in Woburn crash

Jul 21, 2010 1:05pm

(Woburn, Mass.) – The investigation continues into one wild ride in Woburn, Massachusetts.

A runaway dump truck careened down a busy street on Tuesday, taking out several cars and utility poles before it came to a crashing halt.

The accident came to rest just feet from a busy intersection.

Department of Public Works crews are on the scene.

Residents in the area are trying to put things back together.

No one was injured.

Power company NSTAR has almost all of the lost power restored.

The dump truck is owned and operated by Richard Nichols, according to police, who lives in Rockland, Massachusetts.

He told investigators he set the brake and got out, but somehow the truck barreled down the street.

Richard Nichols, the driver responsible for yesterday’s dump truck accident in Woburn, has been cited for improper use of equipment. Police say he failed to use his parking break. The citation is a civil offense which will result in Nichols paying a fine.

Nichols was also cited for six other federal motor carrier safety violations.

Police would not say what those violations were, but said they did NOT contribute to the accident and were most likely inspection type things.
The vehicle inspection was current.  And police said his insurance, etc was up to date.

But police say the accident was a result of human error.