Seabrook Officer Arrested In Mass.

Salisbury Police Describe Officer As Belligerent

A police sergeant who has been with the department in Seabrook for 30 years was charged with operating under the influence in Massachusetts on Sunday.

Mark Preston, 51, was arrested after a car crash in Salisbury, Mass. Police said he had been drinking and tried leaving the scene.

According to court paperwork, Preston became belligerent and was surprised that officers were arresting him.

“Are you (expletive) kidding me?” Preston said, according to court paperwork. “What about the brotherhood?”

Salisbury police were called to Northend Boulevard about 9 p.m. Sunday after a car had been hit. Police said witnesses taking pictures said the driver who caused the crash was “taking off.” An officer found Preston walking down the street.

In the court documents, police described Preston as rude and argumentative and said he kept throwing insults at the officer, saying:

“If this happened in Seabrook, we would take care of you guys! This is ridiculous. You guys are a (expletive) joke! I am a 30-year sergeant, and you are going to do this to me? Really? My life and my career are over! I hope you guys are (expletive) happy!”

Police said in the paperwork that Preston admitted that he had been pulling out of a Salisbury club and “clipped” a car. He is quoted as telling an officer, “I am lit right now.”

Preston was arraigned Monday and was released on bail after pleading not guilty to charges including driving under the influence of alcohol.

Seabrook Town Manager Barry Brenner said Preston has been placed on paid administrative leave.