Six injured when truck hits SUV, Concord church


CONCORD – Six people were hospitalized after a truck made a crashing entrance into a Concord church on Sunday.

Witnesses said they saw a tow truck run a red light and hit a family of five in an SUV. The truck then careened into a downstairs classroom at the North Concord Union Church.

“It was just this humongous crash. This really incredibly loud sound,” said Carol Montgomery. “I saw that the truck and the SUV — I pretty much saw that the SUV skittering down the road coming towards me.”

Witnesses said they saw the truck driver run a red light on Main Street and hit a car crossing the intersection.

“It was very scary. It was very frightening,” said Montgomery.

Fire officials said a family of five was in the car, including four children under the age of 12. They were shaken up, but not seriously injured.

Neighbors ran to help the truck driver after the crash.

“It was all filled with smoke, the cab, and he was laid out in the front seat,” said George Morrison, a neighbor. “He looked like he was passed out.”

Officials said no one was in the church, but there is some structural damage.

“Always has the potential of being worse, so I mean fortunately it didn’t hit anything important in the church so the church is still standing and will stand for another 100 years,” said Capt. Dave Currin of the Concord Fire Department.

The family of five and the truck driver were brought to Emerson Hospital to be evaluated. Their injuries are not life threatening. The family did have a dog in the car with them. The dog took off after the accident. Volunteers are searching for the dog.

The accident is under investigation.