Somerville parking officer arrested after allegedly striking man with car

A parking officer who allegedly got into an argument with a pedestrian, spat at and then “bumped” him with his Jeep was arrested in Somerville last week. Anthony Pasquale Silvestri, 58, of 252 Medford St. was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, according to a police report.

On Aug. 14 at 10:39 a.m., officers responded to Tyler and Dane streets for a car accident. A gray Jeep was parked facing the street on a parking lot ramp off Dane. The victim said he was crossing Tyler Street in the crosswalk when a gray Jeep Liberty drove up and stopped short to avoid hitting him. The victim got angry and both parties exchanged words and the man driving the Jeep, later identified as Silvestri, allegedly spat at the victim.

When the Jeep started to leave heading up Dane Street the victim reportedly shouted, “I have your plate number and I see your uniform.”

Silvestri is a parking control officer for the city who makes $38,500 a year, according to the FY 2013 budget. He has been placed on leave.

“The employee has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. We have no further comment at this time,” said city spokesperson Jaclyn Rossetti.

The victim said Silvestri then drove a short distance up Dane Street and turned into a parking lot, turning around to face the street. The victim went over to him, stepped in front of his Jeep and said he was calling police. Silvestri allegedly cursed at him telling him to get out of the way, started his car and bumped him with the vehicle more than once. The victim was not injured, the report stated.

The victim’s son was with him during the alleged attack and called police when he saw the jeep striking his father. He told police he saw Silvestri spit at his father and bump him with the vehicle. He had also recorded a part of their argument on his cell phone, police noted.

Two other witnesses who were on the street taking out some trash also said they saw the two men arguing and later the suspect bump the victim.

Silvestri told police he did not intentionally bump anyone with his car.

Police noted they received two calls about this incident — the first was from a Traffic and Parking supervisor about an accident in which Silvestri was involved and the second was from the son of a victim concerning an assault on his father.

Silvestri was placed under arrest and taken to the station for booking, according to the report.