Student biking to school hit by car in Newton

NEWTON – A student was hit by a car while riding his bike to school near the intersection of Walnut Street and Linwood Avenue in Newton Friday morning.

The accident happened by the Old Day Middle School on Walnut Street in front of the Administration building. Police were on the scene Friday morning trying to reconstruct the accident. It appears the 14-year-old student was riding his bike in the wrong direction.

The boy hit the passenger side of the car, but it is unclear who hit who and whether the boy was on the street or sidewalk. He was taken to Mass General Hospital with minor injuries such as bruises and a cut over his eye.

The student was heading to the F.A. Day Middle School. Local residents said it’s a very busy area with several schools on the street and traffic moves too fast for an area filled with so many children.

“Well I know the police last year were working on that, on helping to slow down the traffic here,” said a parent, Amy Dain.

“The line of sight has been very bad here because we’ve had four or five accidents when people take a left turn here,” said a local concerned resident, Jack Porter.

That section of Walnut Street was closed off and traffic was rerouted.

The driver was still on the scene Friday morning, talking with police. It is unclear if the driver will be cited.