Tractor trailer accidents on Massachusetts Turnpike in West Springfield close lanes

Two tractor trailer accidents on either side of the Massachusetts Turnpike has partly closed the highway and slowed traffic near Exit 4.

“We are telling people to use extreme caution,”Massachusetts State Police Sgt. George Hamilton said.

Freezing rain is continuing throughout Western Massachusetts Sunday evening causing accidents on a wide variety of roads throughout the area.

The accidents on the Massachusetts Turnpike happened at about 6:45 p.m. One truck traveling eastbound crashed on the icy roads in the high speed lane. That lane is expected to be closed for some time and motorists are advised to slow down and use caution in the right lane, Hamilton said.

The second accident happened at about the same time in the westbound lanes of the Massachusetts Turnpike. It also occurred in the high speed lane and the two other lanes are open for traffic, he said.

Neither driver is believed to have been seriously injured in the accidents.

The speed on the Turnpike has been reduced to 40 miles an hour because of the icy conditions, Hamilton said.

There have also been multiple reports of cars spinning off the road in other locations on the Turnpike, he said.

Police in other communities have been reporting multiple accidents in the evening.

In Springfield there have been a number of accidents but no major injuries, Police Lt. Brian Keenan said.

“It is very slippery and icy on the hills,” he said. “People need to slow down.”

Holyoke Police closed Bemis Road following an accident caused by icy conditions. There have also been problems on Lower Westfield Road near Ingleside and Cabot Street was closed because of ice, Sgt. Brian Chirgwin said.