Truck crashes into Salem, Mass. home

SALEM – A box truck slammed into a home in Salem, Massachusetts Thursday afternoon.

Marietta Goodridge can only look on with her fingers crossed.

This is where she grew up on Boston Street in Salem, MA, the home she’s lived her entire life  the place she intends to stay with her family.

And about 4 o’clock, the whole house shook.

“I was downstairs doing some accounting at the table, making the schedule, paying the payroll, and I heard a big bang,” said Marietta Goodridge.

“I ran downstairs to make sure everyone was OK and then I came out here to make sure and on the way out I saw I had a new window with a truck in it,” said her husband Tom.

The driver of this box truck lost control and plowed into the front of the historic home which dates back to 1850.

“He did not see the stopped cars, he just veered off. If he hit the car in front of him, it was a little mini cooper, done.  So he hit the house,” said Tony Frangias, working at Spiro’s gas station when he witnessed the crash.

“Gut reaction, I guess he just swerved and our house happened to be in that path,” joked Tom Goodridge.

Gas crews were called in to cut pipe leading to the house for fear it would shift and cause an explosion.

Crowds gathered to watch across the street and from the Dairy Witch ice cream shop next door.

The Goodridges are the owners.

Amazingly, through it all, damage to house, no people hurt.

“Hopefully it’s OK, hopefully it’ll be fixed. And it’s scary really scary. I’m glad that nobody was near it when it happened cause I think something really bad would have happened,” Marietta Goodridge said.

The building inspector is on scene to assess the damage.

The Goodridges expect it to be at least a few days until they can return home.

The truck was removed from the house just before 9pm after crews supported the house.