Truck driver says confrontation caused crash


The driver of a tractor trailer that crashed and caught fire on a Massachusetts highway said a confrontation on the road is what caused him to crash.

The driver of the tractor trailer said just before the accident he was attacked and shot at by five strangers.

Luis Cotto was still smarting from injuries he said he suffered from his attackers and from the accident that occurred early Sunday morning, when his tractor trailer cab went up in flames after crashing on Route 79 in Fall River.

The 42-year-old trucker wouldn’t show his face because he feared the four young men and one young woman whom he said attacked him.

“I’m afraid. They hit me for no reason. I don’t want to put my family or anybody in risk,” Cotto said.

Cotto said he was driving on the bridge when a black Infinity cut him off. He said when flashed his high beams, the infinity stopped in front of him.

He said when he got out to tell the driver to get going, the people in the car came after him.

“And they start kicking me. They kicked me in the face; they kicked me in my ribs. I get up slowly, they keep kicking me,” said Cotto.

Cotto, who has difficulty walking, said he got back into his truck and tried to follow his attackers to get the plate number. He said that’s when someone in the car started shooting a gun at him.

“You can hear the windshield crack. I see the fire from his pistol, so I went down and that when my truck kind of bounced or explode,” Cotto said.

Cotto said that’s when he lost control and crashed. He said he passed out and is grateful to the State Trooper who rescued him.

“I’m happy that she saved my life. If it wasn’t for her I was real close to the truck when I passed out,” said Cotto.

State police released a statement on Monday calling Trooper Allison Powell’s heroics in saving Cotto “Truly remarkable.” Police also said they are aware of Cotto’s allegations about an attack. They said the matter is under investigation.