Witnesses describe tanker truck crash in Worcester

Worcester police were on scene of a tanker truck crash involving multiple vehicles on West Boylston in Worcester Friday afternoon.

Witnesses told 7News a silver Chevy Malibu was driving southbound on West Boylston Street (Route 12) when it careened out of control, crossed the median, and plowed into three parked cars. At that time, a tanker truck holding 1,400 of gas, was driving northbound and hit the car.

The car was traveling at 30 mph and police said when the car hit the truck, it was like hitting a brick wall.

“We thought it was someone dropping something next door. It was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard. It was an explosion pretty much, sounded like an explosion,” said Jake O’Donnell, a witness.

Witnesses said the car never slowed down, the driver never hit the brakes, before it jumped the median and hit the tanker truck head-on.

“The car just started swerving, veering right over the road and into the path into the truck and I could help thinking what the heck am I witnessing?” said a witness.

Three other vehicles parked on the northbound side of Route 12 were also hit.

People who saw the accident or ran out to see what had happened, were worried one of the vehicles might blow up.

The driver inside the car was unable to escape on his own.

“The kid was just hanging out of the driver side and we just waited until the cops came,” said O’Donnell.

“Actually someone ran on top of the car and was holding his head trying to talk to him, and eventually he just stopped responding, stopped talking,” said Josh White.

The driver was taken to the hospital. The person’s condition is unknown and has not been identified.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.