Woman dead, 2 children injured in head-on crash with cement truck

OXFORD, Mass. —A man driving behind the victim of a head-on crash in Oxford Monday morning said he didn’t hesitate to try and help the victims in the moments after the fatal crash.

“I said, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God. I just lost it,'” said RobesPierre LaFleur.

He said he was already writhing in pain from the moment the vehicle crashed into his, but immediately ran to the car that was just crushed by the 45-ton cement truck on Route 20.

“I was trying to help the mother,” he said. “When I touched her, and I said, ‘Mom, are you OK?'”

He said he could tell the 31-year-old Sturbridge woman didn’t survive the violent impact, but then saw two children in the back seat.

“I saw the little boy still in the car seat, so I tried to get him out,” he said. “He was coming in and out of consciousness. He said he held the child for a while before noticing an 8-month-old boy.

“He was so crushed against the door and seat belt,” he said.

First responders were finally able to free the infant, who is currently on life support.
State police said the woman was headed east on Route 20 when she crossed the center line and collided with the truck. The force of the collision sent the vehicle back into eastbound lane, and crashed into LaFleur’s vehicle.

“She was trying to get control of the vehicle back,” he said. “She went onto the opposite way. That’s when she went under the truck.”

“There was a child’s cup on the ground,” said Norel Cronin, who saw the crash scene.

A 2-year-old boy in the woman’s car also suffered serious injuries and is at a local hospital.

LaFleur said he is in agony over the loss of the woman.

“Our prayer goes to her family and the babies,” he said. “I hope they make it.”

Source: WCVB