Woman who sent text could be responsible for car accident

By now we all know you can get into trouble fast if you’re caught texting while driving.

But what about texting someone else while they are driving?

A New Jersey judge will decide later this week if a teenager who texted her boyfriend will be held responsible for a bad car accident he caused while he was reading the text.

There’s no precedent for holding a person liable for injury caused by a text they sent.

But one lawyer told 22News that teen texter should not be held responsible.

“It’s the same thing as if you were driving in the car together with someone and you were in the backseat and you asked them to change the radio station and you distracted them and caused an accident. Are we not going to prosecute the person who said hey can you change it to station X?,” said attorney Christopher Johnson of Johnson, Sclafani and Moriarty.

Legal experts say even though she wasn’t physically in the car, she was electronically present. But people I spoke with aren’t buying it.

“I think it’s ridiculous! He’s just stupid enough to answer. That’s all. It’s his fault,” said Nancy Fox of Easthampton.

“As soon as you get a text message you’ve got to focus here and drive? You don’t answer it until you’re ready. Pull over or you’re guilty,” one woman added.

“I think it’s his fault. You’re not supposed to text. X the text kind of thing. He shouldn’t have answered,” said Andrew Richmond of Springfield.

And  this legal mess could take a toll on the couple in question.

“Definitely fighting or something going on. I think it’s crazy,” said Matt Provost of Northampton.

“I think that ruins the relationship between both of them and their families,” said Tarrance Hannan of Holyoke.

Linda and David Kubert were the victims in the 2009 accident. They were riding their motorcycle when  the teen’s pickup hit them. They each lost a leg.