Worker killed in well accident

A worker is dead tonight after a well accident that happened on the Connecticut-Massachusetts border.

The Somers Fire Department said the accident happened around 1:30 p.m.

The man killed was drilling a well near a swimming pool in Hampden, Massachusetts when he fell in.

The area where the worker was collapsed underneath him, turning the ground into a pool of mud and water. A co-worker tried to pull the man out, but both sunk further in. When the co-worker went back to try again, the man had disappeared beneath.

“When the hole originally collapsed he reached in to grab his partner and lost grip,” said Somers Fire Department Deputy Chief Frank Falcone. “And then got a winch and passed a cable into the hole, which at one point the victim had a hold of. And he was trying to pull him out with a winch and at that point lost him again, just like quick sand it kept pulling him under and it was collapsing while he was there.”

Firefighters tied themselves off trying to find the man beneath the mud, water and sand, while the State Police Dive Team were on standby.

However, a drilling rig which sat on the edge of the hole, weighing approximately 60,000 lbs. and standing about 30 feet tall, made the task even more dangerous.

“Approximately a half an hour ago it shifted again and the rig moved five feet and the wheels sunk into the mud,” said Falcone. “It’s dangerous and precarious right now.”

At this time the investigation is in the process of being handed over to Massachusetts State Police and the body has been turned over to Massachusetts Medical Examiner’s Office.

The mans name has not been released, but his family has been notified and his son did visit to the site of the accident.

After the rig is removed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will inspect the site to determine what went wrong.